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DIASEN Acoustic Plaster

Sound absorbing plaster system

The system involves the application of a sound-absorbing and soundproofing plaster, in all that areas where it is necessary the elimination of echoes, reverberations and noises in general.
The main component of the system is Diathonite Acoustix, which thanks to its unique micro-porous structure has a sound absorption index of 75%. This means that the sound wave striking the surface of Diathonite Acoustix is absorbed and dissipated for its 75%, and only the remaining 25% is reflected back in the room. 

Diathonite Acoustix is a pre-mixed sound-absorbing and sound-insulating plaster composed of natural raw materials such as cork, clay, diatomaceous powders and natural hydraulic lime. Diathonite Acoustix is ideal for the acoustic treatment of facades and partitions, for the reduction of reverberation and noises that alter the acoustics of indoor and outdoor spaces.
In addition to the sound insulation and sound absorption characteristics, Diathonite Acoustix, thanks to its formulation, offers a good level of thermal insulation and a high resistance to humidity and fire. These characteristics satisfy a wide range of requirements.


Adhesion primer ready to use with granular aggregates for the realization of a valid adhesion bridge on all types of support commonly used in construction, ensuring optimal adhesion of plasters, smoothing plasters, adhesives for tiles and acrylic resins.
Its dry film can be distinguished by its good grip even on very smooth and waterproof minerals. The product is one- component and it is ready to use, it can be quickly applied in a single coat, by brush or roll, and the treated surface can be coated even after some time from the application of the product.

 a long lasting Partnership.

DIASEN & mss

The one between Diasen and mss and its Founder Director, Mathew George is a successful international partnership between a manufacturer and a distributor of acoustic products. This innovative relationship started with talks in 2013, when mss was identified as a potential channel partner for Diasen to enter the Indian market. The team is run by proficient engineers who are trained by Diasen to provide a complete solution of supply and installation. This allows mss to offer a professional installation service that makes the partnership with Diasen even more efficient, as the high quality and performance of the products require the intervention of trained, experienced and capable applicators to ensure the best possible results.



Belgrade Medical University

The historic headquarters of the Belgrade Medical University has been completely redeveloped through the use of the cork-based plasters of the Diathonite line. The facades of the structure, which border on a part of the Hospital of the Serbian capital, were thermally insulated with Diathonite Evolution, applied with an average thickness of 4 cm, while the wainscots, affected by evident and heavy humidity problems, were treated with Diathonite Deumix + dehumidifying and anti-saline plaster. The interiors of the great hall, on the other hand, were treated with Diathonite Acoustix, to improve the acoustics and reduce reverberation. Diathonite Acoustix in this case was applied with a thickness of 3 cm to the ceiling and walls, and was then finished with Limepaint lime based paint.

Casa dos Vulcões (House of the Volcanoes)

The project of the “House of the Volcanoes”, realized by the important architecture studio SAMI Arquitectos, saw the recovery of the architectural heritage of ancient structures located near the Punta do Pico volcano. The structure is a scientific museum where you can admire the geo-diversities present in volcanoes, caves and other landscapes typical of the archipelago of the Azores.
The acoustics of the museum rooms have been improved thanks to the use of the sound-absorbing cork-based Diathonite Acoustix plaster, applied with a plastering machine on the high walls and vaulted ceilings of the rooms. The plaster was then sanded to obtain a smooth surface with the visible granulated cork: a unique aesthetic effect that only Diathonite can guarantee.
The use of Diathonite Acoustix, with an average thickness of 4 cm, has therefore ensured excellent acoustic comfort, avoiding any kind of reverberation in large spaces and often frequented by many tourists. The surfaces were made water-repellent with the BKK Eco breathable and transparent finish

Cucina Torcicoda

In this renovation of the premises located in Via Dell’Anguillara, cross of the central Piazza Santa Croce in Florence, Diathonite Acoustix sound-absorbing plaster was used to eliminate glare on all walls and ceilings.
Diathonite Acoustix first of all allowed to solve the problem of acoustic reverberation, but also to keep intact the peculiar characteristics (such as vaulted ceilings and the various complex geometries) of the rooms that now house the “Cucina Torcicoda” restaurant, going perfectly to adapt to the shapes of the structure


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